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Engaging Your Customers Online: Augmented Reality and Retail

With VR and AR tech on the rise it's no surprise that as the current Retail space evolves, Virtual and Augmented reality is taking shape in that space.

There is huge potential in retail for the capabilities of AR. Many retail businesses are experimenting with online stores utilizing Augmented Reality - letting users view products in their homes and even try on products such as glasses. During the COVID-19 pandemic efforts to experiment with virtual product testing has accelerated and the cosmetic industry has been a big investor. One company, Sally Hansen, recently unveiled an application of Perfect Corp's patented 'AgileHand Technology', allowing its customers to try on nail colors in an augmented reality environment on their own cell phones.

Utilizing tools such as augmented reality can really give companies an unique customer experience without ever having to leave their house or visit a store. This could increase a business's online presence and engagement as well as lead to more online sales and leads.


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